Fuller, chubby cheeks looks cute but on a kid not on an adult. Most people lose roundness of their cheeks in their late 20s but if you don’t it’s high time to think about buccal fat reduction treatment.

How does buccal fat reduction works

It is a surgical method to make your cheeks look slimmer. It is typically performed in combination with other facial procedures to help achieve a more contoured face shape. Buccal fat pad reduction is for those with extra round cheeks who wish to have a slightly more chiseled look. Often candidates for buccal fat pad extraction refer to themselves as having chubby or fat cheeks. It is typically a genetic predisposition and not a result of being fat or overweight.

What is the procedure of buccal fat reduction?

The procedure itself is fairly simple and not overly-invasive. First local anesthesia is given with very fine needles to make the area numb then a small incision is made inside the mouth and the lump of fat is gently removed. Then gently and little by little fat is extracted. Sometimes a collective amount the size of a golf ball is removed; sometimes more. The incisions are closed with dissolvable. The procedure normally completed within an hour.

Buccal Fat Reduction Post op care

  • For 2 weeks after your surgery it is advisable for you to sleep on 2 pillows, so as to keep your head elevated. It is also advisable to rest for around 3 weeks.
  • You will have some discomfort, but this should be controlled by pain medication prescribed for you.
  • Bruising and swelling are normal after surgery and should subside within 2 weeks.
  • Due to the incision being inside your mouth you will probably have to eat a restricted diet for a while… You should also be advised to rinse your mouth several times a day with an antibacterial mouthwash.
  • Normally dissolvable sutures are used; therefore it should not be necessary to have them removed. Please resist the temptation to chew on the stitches you feel inside your cheek.
  • Your swelling will continue to subside over several weeks.
  • During this time you may notice a change in your smile or odd sensations like tingling, pulling, burning, hollowness, cold or sudden sharp pain. These feelings are related to the healing of the nerve branches and should subside within the first few weeks.
  • Numbness is also possible and, whilst it normally settles within the first few weeks.
  • Final results are apparent in about 3 months when all internal swelling has gone away.

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