A mole is a small discolored spot on the skin, often called a nevus. Moles first appear to be dark freckles, but they gradually grow darker with time, sometimes these moles are large or unsightly in highly visible areas of the body, such face, neck, arm etc. People who have large dark mole on their face may feel uncomfortable because of it hence there is no better time than now to remove that mole. For more information call us on +91 9717470550 or mail at

Moles are just the collection of cells which produces a pigment known as melanocyte, can be seen on any body parts. Mostly they are seen from birth but in some case they can be seen after birth of the person. Colour of moles is not the same it can be blue, brown or black. Usually moles don’t cause any pain or irritation when they get rubbed against clothes or on changing clothes. In some case moles can cause pain or irritation when they get rubbed against clothes, moreover they give an aesthetically poor appearance, then it becomes necessary to remove moles.

Laser mole removal is one of the latest and safest techniques which are involved in removing moles. This technique works safely in removing moles from any part of the body, the main area which is mainly concerned for mole removal is facial mole removal, as nobody wants to get any scar or any damage on their face. Lasers work best in facial mole removal and skin mole removal and give 100% result without any side effect.

Laser mole removal takes maximum 10 to 20 minutes to complete and this technique is effective for removing both smaller and bigger size moles. In laser mole removal, local anaesthesia is given then with the help of an electrical instrument the area will be cauterized and then light energy is used for breaking the pigments of the mole. Then the dressing is applied over the mole. If the moles are bigger in size then laser treatment for moles are not effective in reducing them.

If you have your mole removed, you’ll feel better about yourself and a little less self-conscious than you did before.

What is the procedure of mole removal surgery?

Firstly the area is numbed before administering the shot, the shot is only given beneath the bottom layer of skin and pinches only slightly. After the removal of the mole doctor will use heat or a special light to close the blood veins beneath the area where the mole used to be. You should experience very minimal bleeding.

As moles are different in shapes and sizes their treatment is different as well hence there are 3 procedure which are used for mole removal

Mole Removal Laser Removal in Delhi

Laser removal is for very small, light moles in noticeable areas.

Mole Removal Excision with stitches in Delhi

Excision with stiches procedure is for deep, large, dark moles that lie flat.

Mole Removal Excision without stitches in Delhi

Excision without stiches is done for average sized moles that don’t go deep into the skin.
Mole removal surgery is safe, long lasting and result oriented. There is often some post-op pain or discomfort, temporary bruising and swelling. Recovery is immediate and scar of the sutures will fade and improve in appearance with time. You can resume your routine activities immediately after the procedure.

Mole removal cost

Mole removal cost varies from patient to patient. It depends on some factors such as:

  • Depth of the mole
  • Location of the mole,
  • Size of mole
  • Technique used in removing moles
  • Location of clinic

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Skin tags

Skin tag is a small tag with a narrow stalk which connects the skin to its outer surface. They are mainly of skin colour and of 1mm to 5cm in size. They are mostly seen in obese people, people in their middle age and type 2 diabetes.

Skin tag removal

The following procedures are involved in skin tag removal:

  • Excision: Sterile scalpel or scissor is used for cutting the skin tag
  • Electrolysis: Tags are burned without damaging the surrounding tissues of the skin.
  • Freezing: Liquid nitrogen, argon gas or dimethyl ether is applied to the skin which is used for destroying the skin. This process is also known as cryotherapy.
  • Laser: Specific wavelength laser energy is used for removing the skin tags.

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